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Product Description



This system allows normal fabrication techniques to be used but provides adjustment and then locking off without resorting to complicated or expensive fittings.

The system is inexpensive and very quick to install on site. It is positive and failsafe. Because it completely locks the joint it is ideal to ensure that no movement occurs in any situation including load reversal.


Typical Section

How the Alignment Washer Works

The system involves the use of oversized or slotted holes in the element which needs to be adjusted. Once the element is in exactly the right position the oversized or slotted holes are filled with a high strength, rapid setting resin, which locks the element so that no further movements occur. The only new item required is the Alignment Washer which effectively facilitates injection. The Alignment Washer has a countersunk hole which provides a good seating for a standard self mix injection nozzle plus a series of passageways to ensure that the various gaps are fully filled with resin under all circumstances. It works equally well up side down or even under water.


Circular Washer

Oversize hole to give +/- 15mm
adjustment in either direction

Rectangular Washer

Slotted hole to give +/- 25mm
adjustment in one direction
(Cast-in channel for other direction)

Circular Washer both Sides

Oversize hole in inner or outer plys
to give adjustment in either direction


Procedure for Use

  1. Fabricate items in usual way but where adustment is required provide oversized or slotted holes. Provide corrosion protection in the usual way.
  2. Erect the structural elements in the usual way but add a Back-up Washer and an Alignment Washer. See Diagram
  3. Line and level the structural elements using the tolerance provided by the oversized or slotted holes and tighten down to hold joint temporarily. Repeat this for other elements nearby.
  4. When all elements have been checked for position, inject with approved resin.
  5. The joints are now permanently locked in their correct position.



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