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Alignment Washers provide a fast low cost means of adjusting the position of almost any bolted or anchored connection. They have been used successfully on a wide range of projects from heavy civil engineering, such as bridges, through to normal structural situations and to the more lightweight applications such as those required to support Curtain Walling.

Any bolted or anchored connection can have adjustment built-in to allow for site tolerance or other fit-up problems by using the Alignment Washer. Their use is fast, failsafe and economical. In these days of very rapid construction, the need for adjustment is ever increasing.

Prior to the advent of the Alignment Washer, the means of achieving site adjustment of bolted or anchored joints was not entirely satisfactory. Built-in channels are fine, but only give adjustment in one direction. The Alignment Washer gives adjustment in all directions. Other aligning techniques, such as site drilled locking pins, serrated plates, etc are either expensive or slow and often require a high degree of site expertise. Alignment Washers are surprisingly easy and quick to install. In addition, for larger connections, the system ensures that all fixings in a group take an even share of the load. This is particularly relevant where fatigue or dynamic loading occur. A special Alignment Washer derivative is presently being marketed by the Hilti Corporation, with our agreement, for use in this area.

The Alignment Washer, which is a patented product, has been extensively tested under many varied conditions. It can even be used underwater, so poor site conditions do not detract from its effectiveness.

On site installation training is available, free of charge, but use of the Alignment Washer is so simple and foolproof that training can easily be passed on to other personnel.

How many times have your men tried to fix a bracket or baseplate to concrete only to find, when they drill into the concrete, that the re-bar is in the way? With the Alignment Washer, they simply move the drill to one side to miss the re-bar and the bracket or baseplate can remain in the correct position. This alone can save many abortive hours.

We carry a high stock of Alignment Washers so that a very fast delivery can be assured. We also have a Technical Department with well qualified and experienced staff.

Please feel free to call or e-mail for more information or for further information.


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